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Revamping the regime

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A railway-car-turned-shop in Madrid, NM

The great thing about travelling sans computer is that I get to catch up on reading my magazines. I have free subscriptions to at least 5 at any given time thanks for my and Frank’s useless airline miles, and I always read them through from front to back. Yes, I read all the articles, look at all the new shades of makeup, study the newest fashion, and rip out pages with good recipes that I want to try. After reading through a number of random articles on fitness, fashion, and femininity, I decided on a few new goals in my life:

1. Eating 4 small meals a day

I try to eat a total of 1600-1800 calories a day and I’ll split that by 4 meals a day. The biggest changes will be increasing my breakfast amount and decreasing my supper choices. I was eating only about 200 calories for breakfast before, so I’ll add on a boiled egg or yoghurt and maybe a piece of toast. For supper, I was pretty much eating the majority of my daily calories, and that’s never a good thing before going to bed.

I’m hoping the change will let me have more of a stable eating schedule, which will help blood sugar levels and all that good stuff. I’m even thinking of doing a crappy-mobile-phone food blog on a separate account on Flickr so that I can have a visual cue of what I’m eating throughout the day. Maybe… I’m not so vigilent about taking photos of every meal, and that’s a lot of picture mail too!

2. Find that elusive special perfume

I’m going to start wearing perfume on a regular basis. I think it’s one of those things that makes me feel womanly and beautiful, and I’m always down for that! After having read a bit more on the topic, I think I’ll try to check out Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful. When I do wear perfume, I wear YSL’s Opium, which is a bit heady and strong for most days. Maybe something lighter would be better for daily use. I also kind of want to have a scent that people smell when they get close to me.

3. More shooting with the Hassy

Ah, poor Vlady the Hasselblad, you haven’t gotten much use lately, but that’s going to change. I want to go out and shoot more medium format film, and it started with the trip to New Mexico with Cousin (all my cousins are referred to as simply “Cousin”). I brought the Hassy and shot 4 rolls over 2 days, and it made me so happy. I already dropped the rolls off at the lab yesterday when I got back and will pick them up today! The anticipation is just too much!

4. Exercise 30 minutes a day

I don’t mean that I’m going to run everyday now, but at least 30 minutes of brisk walking or some kind of exercise to get my blood pumping is a good idea. I even get free Exercise TV workouts through cable, so might as well do those when it rains outside. I do honestly believe that getting the blood pumping is the best way to clear out your body and make yourself feel good, so why not do it everyday, right? It doesn’t have to be very strenuous; just doing something is good for you to keep your muscles active. This is another reason why I would like to get a dog, so I can take it for long walks with me everyday (especially while I’m working from home).

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February 20, 2009 at 12:10 pm

On the road again.

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So I had a very happy birthday party this past weekend where we invited the bare minimum of guests and most people actually made it. We tried to go right for the vegetarians, but we ended up having a LOT of meat and really not enough non-meat stuff. I was so glad that I made eggplant and zucchini kebabs in the oven because I felt really bad that we didn’t have enough vegetarian food. I mean, it was a BBQ after all… but still. I still like accommodating all diets and lifestyle decisions, so of course I still wish we had more options than vegetable kebabs and salad. Eh… Oh well. My peanut pie dessert turned out to be a hit and was finished off rather quickly before I could even suggest people take a second slice. That felt pretty awesome and nice.

Of course, as usual, I only took a few photos during the party and they were all film, so you are going to have to wait until it gets developed and scanned to see how they turned out. I’ll share one that Ken took with his fancy shmancy G7.


The party ended and now I’m out visiting my parents for a few days before heading up to Boston to see more friends. I’m pretty excited to be back in Boston and to see all our friends again. I set up a thing on Sunday night to just send out a blanket invite for everyone who wants to hang out and grab a beer or a bite to eat. I’m hoping lots of people will come and it’ll be awesome fun.

Tomorrow I get to see a few people up in NYC and I’m so excited for that too! Two friends are people I’ve met before, but one is a new one who has been a Flickr contact for a while. I think it’s going to be pretty awesome fun and I’m really looking forward to meeting someone new. Of course, the other two friends make me just as excited, but I’m always a little bit more excited to meet someone for the very first time. I’ll be bringing my camera along to take plenty of photos. Exciting times!


Plus, because I grew up here, I never did all those touristy things that everyone else has done, so I have NEVER walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. That will be rectified tomorrow and I will be walking across that goddamned bridge and taking the very typical touristy photos that everyone does AND going to see the NYC Waterfalls exhibit. You could say I’m excited…

As a random side note, my parents were super excited to see me and how I’ve changed in the past year. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them (I don’t come home often at all), but I do send them photos from time to time. Apparently the photos just don’t do justice and they were shocked to see me! My mom can’t get over it at all, and when I went into the kitchen this morning, the said, “Reese, oh wow, you’re still skinny!!” as if I was going to blow up overnight. Too funny.

So anyway, I decided to take a completely gratuitous photo of myself sitting at the desk in my old bedroom. My parents have gone on this huge renovation kick and have replaced all the flooring upstairs with hardwood, which means that the hot pink shag carpeting (which came with the house) is no longer here to cushion my feet. It would figure they would make all these changes. They even actually fixed (reversed) the hot and cold faucets in my bathroom to to the right way. I grew up thinking the convention in my bathroom was hot on the right, cold on the left, which is opposite to the normal world. Besides that, guests were constantly burning themselves in my bathroom when washing their hands and boiling hot water would come rushing out when they were expecting nice, cold water.

The furniture in my room is still the same, but my mom has added a giant saran-wrapped statue of St. Jude (or some other religious dude from the Bible) to the dresser. You can see him eerily staring over my shoulder in the background. He’s starting to creep me out a little bit and I’m wondering if I should poke a little hole in the saran wrap so he can breathe before he gets suffocated and angry and comes to life and murders the first person he sees (me, sleeping peacefully in my old bed).

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September 17, 2008 at 4:06 pm

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