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Hello readers! How are you doing? Do I even have faithful readers anymore since I don’t update this thing as regularly as I used to? Hmm… well here’s what’s been happening during June, even if only for my own personal reference.

a new place.
Frank and I have moved out of a soul-sucking apartment complex and into a small little house with an actual backyard. Yes, a backyard. We haven’t had one of those in almost a year, and it feels SO good to have it back again. We’re planning to do a bit of BBQing and I might even learn how to garden this summer! Well… it’s a bit late to learn how to garden right now, but I still plan to go to a nursery and finding some mint plants to keep back there. I was thinking about planting some stuff back there just to keep the dirt down (it’s two narrow strips of dirt and a walkway in the middle right now). I sweep back there almost everyday and it’s always so damned dusty!

I hear that mint grows like a weed, so while I originally wanted to plant something in the ground, I think I’ll stick to using a container for now. I don’t know if our landlord would appreciate a new mint infestation in the backyard.

coffee beans of the week.
I bought half a pound of the Whole Food’s Allegra Breakfast Blend for this week. It doesn’t look nearly as shiny and yummy as the Monsieur Beans stuff from last week. They look a bit dried out, actually.

I got a haircut yesterday and I’m pretty happy with it. It looks good even after washing and blow-drying it myself. I’m a terrible stylist, but somehow it still looks good! For a whopping $35, I don’t think I could have asked for better! I don’t know that I’ve paid that little for a haircut in over 4 years. Damn you Shag Salon! You’re SO good, yet so expensive!


I’m still going strong on the running and eating right. I’ve slowed down on losing weight, but it doesn’t bother me because I’m really really happy with where I am right now. I don’t know that I could wear a bikini to the beach anytime soon, but I feel healthy and happy and beautiful as I am. Well, I felt happy and beautiful before, but now I feel healthy! I feel like I could run to catch the bus without getting winded, and I can easily carry more heavy stuff further these days. That really matters to me since I often carry my cameras around and I’ve been working as a photographer’s assistant lately, which means carrying heavy stuff.

It’s really interesting to me that the people I’ve met here in California probably have no idea what I looked like before! That really fascinates me, that they all know me as the person I am right now, maybe noticing that I’ve lost weight since last year, but basically not knowing me when I was so much heavier. I don’t know that weight really matters to the people I know, since I try not to make friends with superficial people. Ha… Just for comparison, here’s a photo from when we got married (Sept 2005) and a recent one.

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